Move over dons, administrators now rule, says v-c

UK“The days of the ‘donnish dominion’ are over and university administration is perhaps the key profession in higher education. This is the view of Sir Peter Scott, vice-chancellor of Kingston University. At the annual conference of the Association of University Administrators this week, he said that despite being a ‘pretty mixed bunch’ in terms of professional responsibilities, administrators probably had greater claim to being the crux of the university endeavour than academics, vice-chancellors or governors. He said that he regretted the erosion of the power of the senate, and suggested that the influence wielded by senior academics was now more ‘executive and managerial’ than ‘academic and collegial’. “As for the donnish dominion,” he said, ‘I’m not sure there’s much of that left outside Oxford and Cambridge’ …” (more)

[John Gill, Times Higher Education, 9 April]

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