Another hecklers’ veto; another failure of freedom of expression on campus

Ireland“… As I have argued here before, to ensure that hecklers do not have a veto, those who organise such controversial events must ensure that the controversial speakers actually have the opportunity to speak. Unsurprisingly, the lecture has been a source of controversy for quite some time, so the organisers’ failure to make appropriate arrangements is almost as culpable as the hecklers’ veto. Cary Nelson, President of the American Association of University Professors, explains why controversial speakers, even monsters, should be able to speak on campus …” (more)

[Cearta, 9 April]

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One Response to “Another hecklers’ veto; another failure of freedom of expression on campus”

  1. Michelle Says:

    The Euthanasia debate!

    Well I for one am delighted that professor wasn t allowed speak!
    Not because hes in favour of Euthanasia as such, if he wants to
    End his life by lethal injection at some stage,that’s his own business,
    What really got to me is that Prof Doyal promotes involuntary euthanasia
    For the purpose of cost reduction in hospitals!
    Im all for free speech, but to have a group from the health board invite
    this guy onto hospital premises to talk about how to save money by killing
    off the patients- with the doctor making the decision which person is worth treating.!thats frightening!
    Last time I checked Doctors and Nurses are supposed to heal/treat a sick person no matter what illness/disease they have, Prof Doyle was there to promote the killing of sick people without their consent to save money! I see that as a threat to myself,my loved ones . I don t want him anywhere near our hospitals, I will be old someday I hope! Or at some stage in my life I may need hospital care – If his ideas were to be taken on by those in charge of our Health System – id have to have a Garda Escort with me for fear there would be an attempt on my life by the very people who are supposed to be treating me,! Sounds Crazy! Not really when groups in our Health System or thrashing out the idea under the guise of debate and free speech!
    If they are not in favour of Euthanasia and it has no use or benefits to patients ,doctors and nurses – those persons interested in his views and ideas should have had this debate at their own expense and maybe in a conference hall or college
    If one of my family were in hospital seriously ill and I knew that guy was on the premises putting notions and ideas of involuntary euthanasia into the heads of anyone connected to the running of our hospitals – I wouldnt have shouted him down – id have put him head first out the window !
    So a big well done to the God Squad, Youth Defence and to the General Public for shouting him down, not because of their groups religious beliefs or causes ,but for highlighting a serious threat to all of us, something the whole human race has in common friends and family ,in particular those family members or friends who are sick,old or disabled , No one has the right to take anothers life that’s murder, and not ever for money saving measures –to even speak or think that way is vicious and vile.

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