Significant student drug use revealed

Ireland“A survey conducted by The University Observer has indicated that more than a third of a representative sample of UCD students has taken illicit drugs. The questionnaire, which was distributed on campus within the past fortnight, asked students had they ever taken illegal drugs. 41.8 per cent of students surveyed responded positively. Of those students who admitted to previous drug use, 100 per cent had used cannabis, while 15.1 per cent and 16 per cent had used harder drugs like cocaine and ecstasy respectively. Eight per cent of students who took part in the survey had previously used LSD. Significantly, more than a third of respondents did not feel that there exists any difficulty in securing illicit drugs, with 40.7 of students claiming that they felt drugs were easy to obtain. With specific bearing on UCD, 19.7 per cent of students indicated that drugs were easy to obtain whilst on campus …” (more)

[Peter Molloy, University Observer, 14 April]

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