Some Bologna About Academic Freedom

USA“Consider the recent news that three American states (Indiana, Minnesota and Utah) are undertaking pilot programs to standardize university curricula in particular majors. The programs are of a piece with the so-called ‘Bologna Process’ in Europe, which aims to create comparable standards across much of Europe, so that prospective employers wishing to hire, for example, a chemical engineer, will have some assurance of what a degree in chemical engineering means. (Presumably ‘bologna’ lacks its American idiomatic meaning in Europe; it’s also worth noting that the University of Bologna is the oldest continuously degree-granting university in the world, so that sophomoric jokes aside, ‘Bologna Process’ is quite an apt name.) Predictably, Bologna-like programs have led to the expression of concerns about academic freedom by the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) …” (more)

[Dorf on Law, 10 April]

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