Is this O’Keeffe showing his true colours?

Ireland“There’s a story on the Independent website suggesting that Batt O’Keeffe won’t make the announcement amount third level fees until after June 5th, the magic date … As I mentioned a few months ago, the worst thing about the whole fiasco at this stage is that students who should be focussing on their exams are being distracted by how much they will have to pay, and how they will have to pay. There can be no further doubt that fees are being reintroduced, but rather than putting students and parents (and university heads?) out of their misery, O’Keeffe is dragging this out for all he’s worth. I would assume he can’t think the full announcement would harm Fianna Fáil’s chances on June 5th …” (more)

[Sharona’s Shambles, 15 April]


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