This is the ‘I could not afford to go to college’ generation

USA“When it comes to university (or college as it’s called here) Americans, as in so many walks of life, tend to do things on the grand scale: sprawling campuses, vast student populations, facilities to die for, and fees to match. One oddly spartan aspect, however, comes as a surprise to the otherwise dazzled European: for your first two years at least, even at an expensive private college, you will almost certainly have to share a small room with someone else. Which is fine if your roommate is an old friend, or if you are put in with someone with whom you get on. If not, though, as my own son (a freshman, as first-year students are known) found out, the initial college experience can be somewhat tarnished …” (more)

[Rupert Cornwell, Independent on Sunday, 19 April]

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