Faculty Responses to Budget Cuts

USA“I have been asked to make a short presentation to our board of regents about the impacts on faculty of a nearly 15% cut to the university’s state appropriations. This question can be taken two ways. One, what effects will the cut have on individual faculty? Two, what effect will the cut have collectively on the faculty and on the university? Although the budget cut will affect all faculty to some extent, some will hardly notice a difference in their lives next year while others will be out of a job. At one extreme are well paid, tenured, full professors in the sciences and engineering whose jobs are not in jeopardy and at the other are poorly paid, non-tenure-eligible, lecturers in English whose jobs are definitely in jeopardy because they are hired on short-term contracts. The former may or may not be inconvenienced by a reduction in support staff while the latter will be unemployed and looking for another job. In other words, individual reactions of faculty to the budget cut range from indifference to panic …” (more)

[Arnold van der Valk, A Crumbling Ivory Tower?, 19 April]

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