The CDA solution

Ireland“I am intending to launch a new movement shortly: the CDA (Campaign to Defeat Acronyms). The need for this became apparent to me when, recently, I attended a meeting between some university people and a number of people from business and the voluntary sector. One of the university people was purporting to explain various developments in higher education, but what he was saying was probably totally incomprehensible to anyone from outside academic life – indeed, anyone not working in the Irish university system. He was talking about PRTLI, the HEA, the DRHEA, SFI, CSETs, RGAM, IUA, HEFCE (oops, that was an English interloper), IRCHSS, and lots more besides. One of the businesspeople looked on as if he had stumbled across some strange cult with its own ritual language …” (more)

[Ferdinand von Prondzynski, University Blog, 13 May]

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