‘Off-Track Profs’

USA“Like the rest of higher education, elite universities have grown increasingly reliant on non-tenure-track faculty members. Leaders of those institutions are frequently unaware of the role played by adjuncts or how they have come to make up a larger share of the teaching force. The causes for this shift – while related to money – go far beyond the savings from hiring off the tenure track, and the blame may need to be shared by senior professors and graduate student unions. At the most celebrated institutions of higher education in the United States, the teaching quality of the adjuncts is many times better than that of those on the tenure tack. These are among the conclusions of Off-Track Profs: Nontenured Teachers in Higher Education, being released this week by the MIT Press …” (more)

[Scott Jaschik, Inside Higher Ed, 27 May]

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  1. Howard Roark Says:

    It would have been great to hear an Irish or European take on this subject…

    We just blogged about the article (and the book) here:

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