Tories claim poor face learning bias

UK“Pupils from the richest neighbourhoods in England are twice as likely to go to university as those from the poorest homes, data analysed by the Conservatives shows. This proves the £2.3bn spent each year encouraging working-class children to apply to university is largely fruitless, they argue. The Conservatives analysed data from the Office for National Statistics on how many under-21s went to university in each neighbourhood of 1,500 people in England. In the richest 10% of neighbourhoods, 59.8% of under-21s went to university, while in the poorest 10% of neighbourhoods 31.9% did …” (more)

[Jessica Shepherd, Guardian, 29 May]

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  1. futiledemocracy Says:

    I would never have been able to go to University under a Tory regime. I start a Politics and Journalism Degree in September.

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