Two New ‘Two Cultures’ in the Academy

UK“Faced with the complexities of academic life today, it is easy to look back at CP Snow’s fifty-year-old ‘two cultures’ distinction between the arts and the sciences with a certain nostalgia. Back in Snow’s day, the difference was simply a matter of intellectual orientation that was readily traceable to the rise of specialist training on both sides of the divide. In contrast, nowadays academia is divided in ways that do not so neatly cut across disciplinary boundaries. Put bluntly, people are motivated quite differently to move in and around the precincts of higher education. And often these motives work at cross-purposes, resulting in a crisis of identity for the university. I want to highlight two current ‘two culture’ divides that are easily spotted in and around the university …” (more)

[Making the university safe for intellectual life in the 21st century, 10 June]


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