Pinker leads international attack on UCL’s ‘unjust’ treatment of scholar

UK“An international group of scholars has launched a scathing attack on an elite UK university, accusing it of ‘extraordinary and unjust’ treatment of an academic. The 25 eminent researchers from four continents, led by Steven Pinker of Harvard University, have written to University College London voicing ‘strong concern’ over what they say is the ‘summary suspension and enforced silence’ of Heather van der Lely, director of UCL’s Centre for Developmental Language Disorders and Cognitive Neuroscience. Internationally acclaimed Professor van der Lely, 53, was suspended on charges of insubordination by UCL last November after she refused to move to a smaller laboratory space, which she felt was inadequate for her research …” (more)

[Zoë Corbyn, Times Higher Education, 18 June]


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