With students taught too well and too little, true learning withers

UK“‘Pedagogy’, Lionel Trilling once wrote, ‘is a depressing subject to all persons of sensibility.’ So much the worse for sensibility. Grading, the enemy of discernment, is an issue amenable to the collective control of professors yet the one issue on which they have managed the least co-ordinated success. What is the function of grading? Why are grades so inflated? Stuart Rojstaczer, a retired Duke University professor and founder of GradeInflation.com, published the most recent large body of data in the spring. ‘If current trends hold’, he writes, ‘Grade ‘A’ will be the average in the coming decade at most of the highly selective private colleges and universities in the United States’ …” (more)

[John Summers, Times Higher Education, 2 July]


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