Open Access leads the way in promoting academic research

Ireland“Scholars are embracing the internet to bypass publishers and speed the process of research. Academic publishing seems a world away for most of us, but it’s the intellectual infrastructure that underpins modern life. And, like nearly everything else, it’s being speeded up by the internet …” (more)

[Quinn Norton, Irish Times, 7 August]

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One Response to “Open Access leads the way in promoting academic research”

  1. Stevan Harnad Says:

    Open Access (OA) is certainly not ““Scholars…embracing the internet to bypass publishers,” because OA means providing free online access to published, peer-reviewed journal articles! However, OA certainly does “speed the process of research.”

    (Confused conflations like Quinn Norton’s certainly don’t help OA one bit.)

    Nor is OA = OA Publishing. OA Publishing (“Gold OA”) is one way to provide OA, and OA self-archiving (by authors, or their own non-OA journal articles (“Green OA”) is the other way, and the fastest and surest way.

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