Prostitute by night, college kid by day

Ireland“I’d met her before, alone, but now, in a cafe full of people, the astonishingly painful nature of her story comes into stark relief. Five-foot-ten, pretty, smiling impishly at the waiter who brings us our coffee, she could be any 19 year old student. But Michelle has anything but what we would consider a ‘normal’ life. Prejudice tells me that there must be a root cause for her story – perhaps at home? But no, she says, hers is a normal, and in many ways heart warming, family life. A hard working father and proud mother who strain every sinew to keep Michelle in college – the first of her family to make it there. Her boyfriend, an athlete, is caring, and she loves him very much. So, how did it begin? …” (more)

[Tallyman, 13 August]

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