Students are lagging behind and we’re still not getting the point

Ireland“… It’s that damned points system. It was introduced for politically correct reasons, in what one supposes was a well-meant attempt to create the ubiquitous ‘level playing field’ for access to third level education. Except it has been well proved that your chances will soar if you go to a school where all your fellow pupils are geared towards academic pursuits, rather than you and a couple of others being the only members of the class who haven’t an eye on the quick fix of the dole. And if you come from a household where people talk to each other and read books rather than stare at mind numbingly idiotic television programmes all day your chances will be enhanced as well. It’s called being middle-class, and the points system isn’t going to change it …” (more)

[Emer O’Kelly, Independent, 16 August]


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