Interview with Danny McCoy

Ireland“… In terms of IBEC’s reaction to the McCarthy report, first of all we acknowledge the necessity of what the report is prescribing. One of the main benefits of the report has been that it has articulated to the people what some of our public expenditure actually funds in terms of tangible services. One area that we have highlighted as an area that should not be rowed back on is the expenditure on science, technology and innovation, because when we look at those countries which are competitive and have remained competitive through the downturn, such as Finland, we can see that at an earlier time of economic crisis they did not cut expenditure on innovation, and they came out of it well. The sceptics have a point when they say that some investment does not yield a return, but on the other hand a substantial proportion does …” (more)

[Ferdinand von Prondzynski, University Blog, 21 September]

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