Creativity not chaos, Quality Strategy Network, September 2009

UK“… This was a discussion around the mechanisms and culture of student engagement with a particular focus upon how we reach students who are not 18-24 yr old undergraduates. As a group, we realised that we knew very little about the expectations of those students, the ways in which they might wish to engage, or the limits they wished to place on their own engagement. Certain types of engagement might be there (e.g. part-time students attending block teaching intensives who give very rich feedback on module evaluations but who do not engage with student liaison committees) but we are not recognising it. We recognised that we were trying to fit very different student constituencies into a single student engagement model and then becoming concerned when these models don’t reach certain types of groups. There is some learning to be done here about the flexibility of institutional models for student engagement and how far these take into account the diversity of the student body …” (more)

[Intersecting Sets, 26 September]


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