Memo to the Minister for Education – let’s talk about my pay

Ireland“I can get a bit irritable at times, and one of the things that sets me off is when people ask me if DCU’s students have returned from their holidays and are back on the campus – the subtext being that this must be the time we also return from three months away and get back to work. So, yes, the students are back. And no, nobody here has had three months off. In fact, I’d be look slightly quizzically at anyone who has been away for more than three weeks. For all that, the return of the students is a pleasure. They liven up the place, and also make some noise at night. I hope it doesn’t deprive anyone of their sleep, but for me it’s a sign of life on the campus …” (more)

[Ferdinand von Prondzynski, Irish Times, 29 September]

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