A champagne generation

UK“… Apart from making the obvious points about the unlikelihood of the taxpayer funding a mass higher education system (rather than one catering to less than 10 per cent of school-leavers, as was the case 30 years ago), I would like to suggest another cause of student debt – a luxurious lifestyle. Given the sitcoms, novels and stereotypes about penurious student living, this may sound like a cruel jest. But the stereotypes are outmoded. Most students now do not live the lives of their (supposedly better-off) forebears; they lead much more materially comfortable existences …” (more)

[Kevin Sharpe, Times Higher Education, 8 October]

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  1. Tommy Says:

    Kevin Sharpe definitely needs to pipe-down… I wonder if he paid for his degree, or was one of the ones who benefitted through the system as it existed pre-top-up fees…

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