Customers, consumers, traders? What are students?

Ireland“Just over a year ago I raised the question of whether it is appropriate or helpful to think of university students as customers. Are they buying something from us (or is the state doing so on their behalf), and if so, what does that suggest should be their attitude and ours to the ‘transaction’ between us? Across the Irish Sea in the UK, this is a question that is being asked with increasing frequency …” (more)

[Ferdinand von Prondzynski, University Blog, 22 October]


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  1. Alan Sloane Says:

    The Guardian today reports on a proposal in the UK to introduce “league tables” for FE colleges and universities. Among the metrics proposed are

    – the pass rate
    – student satisfaction (from surveys)
    – employment rate
    – wage gain for students
    – inspection results.

    In addition, colleges and universities would be forced to make their courses more relevant to local employers to be rated highly.

    It’s amusing in a deeply depressing way to think how colleges and lecturers might respond to the pressures of such a system ;-(

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