New rules on school cover free up €25m

“… Elsewhere, the Public Accounts Committee heard there was a wide variation in the number of senior positions in colleges and universities. The number of vice presidents differed in the colleges including in University College Dublin (8), University College Cork (5), NUI Galway (4), Dublin City University (2), NUI Maynooth (1) Trinity College Dublin (1), University College Limerick (1). TDs voiced concern about the lack of regulation of high positions and the lack of clarity around college contracts …” (more)

[Juno McEnroe, Irish Examiner, 20 November]


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  1. Colin Scott Says:

    “Lecturers work a minimum 16 hours a week in institute of technologies but there are no set hours in universities. Labour’s Roisín Shortall said: “It’s quite clear those working in the third-level sector are a law unto themselves.”

    I think the report shoud say that lecturers TEACH a minimum of 16 hours a week. Academic staff in both sets of institutions undertake a wide range of other tasks. Few in the University sector would be worried abou revealing hours actually worked since many work extremely long hours and are set to see those hours increase as a freeze on hiring increases teaching loads and reduces administrative support.

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