Cahill v. DCU [2009] IESC 80

This case is now out.  Link to the opinion is here. Briefly: the judgment in Paul Cahill’s favour is upheld, but on the sole ground that he was not accorded fair procedures. The court declined to give any view on the meaning of the Universities Act, 1997, s 25(6).

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  1. Eileen Redmond Says:

    My heartiest congratulations to Prof. Cahill on the Supreme court outcome. Its good to know that justice prevails- at least some times! It is so disappointing, however, to once again see big institutions take the bullying route to try crush the ‘little person’ through years of litigation in the hopes that they won’t be strong enough (financially, mentally etc) to make a stand, no matter the circumstances. It is sobering indeed to think that this is the way DCU treats its most successful academics. I only hope that Prof. Cahill will be appropriately compensated for any damage sustained to his career, and I wish him the best of luck in his future endeavours.

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