Universities’ rush to offer PhDs is diluting the qualification

“On my return to Galway over the Christmas period I have noticed a recent article concerning construction projects, leading the smart economy and increasing graduate output, which seem to be major objectives as outlined by Dr Browne, the president of NUIG. On the surface these all seem laudable objectives, in particular the creation of construction jobs, which I am sure will be welcomed by the construction industry. It is the other objectives I am not so sure about …” (more)

[Desmond Nugent, Galway Advertiser, 7 January]

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One Response to “Universities’ rush to offer PhDs is diluting the qualification”

  1. belfield Says:

    Obvious, init? The guy’s done a bad PhD – no transferable skills, no portability of content, no readiness for retraining as required, no 4th level structuring of his thought processes. Total loser.
    Maybe they should put a sell-by date on these Phd things – a built in recall for upskilling mechanism. Hey! Now there’s an thought AND a business idea… must lash across and talk to the suits in the ‘knowledge society one-stop Technology and Innovation Transfer centre’ and get a patent slapped on it before some bugger in DCU or worse one of the ITs gets in ahead of me….

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