UCC moves to ‘shut up’ Evans

“University College Cork has begun further disciplinary procedures against the lecturer who is embroiled in a sexual harassment row over an academic article on the sex life of fruit bats …” (more)

[Brian Hayes Curtin, Cork Independent, 20 May]

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One Response to “UCC moves to ‘shut up’ Evans”

  1. Victor Says:

    Evans an employee of UCC, he does not have tenure.

    The USA has the most protected freedom of speech in the world.

    But if Evans were employed by an American University or firm and wrote and posted what Evans has on the Web in the last 3 days about his employer.

    Then he would be escorted of campus by guards today, his network access terminated, he would be banned from Campus or the firm and his career would be finished.

    After that, he would facing the civil, and very possibly criminal litigation ,with no union support, at his expense.

    What was he thinking in causing this web train wreck for himself and his family?— risk intelligence? an experiment that blew up?

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