Fruit bats and the right to Justice

“I wonder when a Fruit bat couple are sitting at home in front of the TV on a Friday night wondering if they’re going to have an early one, does it cross their minds that the ‘fruits’ of there romantic endeavours would cause such a consternation in a University campus in Ireland … Not so much is it ‘What will the neighbours think?’ but ‘What will the Humans think?’ …” (more)

[What de focal, 23 May]

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One Response to “Fruit bats and the right to Justice”

  1. Victor Says:

    Finally we get the truth v 97.8593

    We can now reveal the massive global Pharma/ Academic conspiracy that Dylan Evans, aka The Pink Panther, aka Austin Powers, has uncovered, – the crafty intrepid, crazy investigator that he is–

    Now Evans has changed his story— yet again! — today he claims, in the Irish Daily Mail, that the whole # fruitbatgate thing was a hit job on him because he was investigating a vast secret conspiracy between Pharma and Academia— yawn

    quote from a blogger

    ” The way you expose a pharmaceutical-funding corruption scandal is to show a paper on bat fellatio to the wife of a possible corruptee.
    Works every time.”

    see —

    Evans has completely lost his marbles– time for the white coats and the funny farm again, like when he went psychotic after his Scottish commune blew up.

    Evans has done a lot of damage to the cause of Academic Freedom by crying wolf, lying and, in the end going bat-shit crazy

    Evans should get free Haldol for life— and a one way ticket to N Korea– as a reward

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