Philosophical questions about fascism and free speech

“Last Tuesday, in the My Education Week column in the Irish Times, Paddy Prendergast, the Provost of Trinity College Dublin (and thus my boss) wrote a diary of his working week …” (more)

[Eoin O’Dell, Cearta, 17 October]

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One Response to “Philosophical questions about fascism and free speech”

  1. Anastasia Says:

    Whats wrong are the far left fascist groups afraid to debate about the wrongs of forced uncontrolled immigration. Ireland has been destroyed by this and yet the real fascists who scream, harrass, intimidate and threaten in order to stop other people from voicing their opinions cannot see that they are trully acting in the same way as any fascist group acts. So its not the BNP who are the fascists but those who threatened to cause troube in order to stop such a debate going ahead with the original invitees.

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