Health, social welfare and education face bulk of cuts

“Cuts of €1.4 billion across a range of State services have been unveiled by Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform Brendan Howlin in the first leg of Budget 2012 …” (more)

[Stephen Collins and Martin Wall, Irish Times, 6 December]

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One Response to “Health, social welfare and education face bulk of cuts”

  1. veronique Says:

    I don’t understand politic, I don’t understand economy but for what comes in and out of my wallet.
    I am a working mother loving her job and getting family income supplement for 2 children, I rent the house we live in and I am not claiming rent allowance because I consider myself well off and can manage.
    Some people will put me in the “poor” category but I don’t put myself there. I juggle, manage, please my kids and myself regularly, don’t own much but pay my bills and I am proud and happy.
    The budget 2012 doesn’t affect me much… yet, but what is affecting me is what is happening.
    Democracy.. Leave the people speak isn’t it? Didn’t Ireland fought for that democracy not so long ago?
    The people are angry, they bang drums, shout, revolts in the background of RTE news and that is totally ignored during the program.
    The people are angry, the ministers speak about this budget without mentioning and showing openly what is happening out there.
    They show lone parent complaining about price of shoes and clothing, showing us that lady, unemployed with one child can’t afford the pair of High heels tiger print stilettos. What does this message giving us?
    What about the students? I am sure they want to revolt.. What about disabled Young people, family of disabled? Elderly? I am sure they want to revolt… what about home owners? Small business owners? Nurses, teachers, guards, civil servant? I am sure they want to revolt.
    This budget is only the Beginning of what is coming.
    We can get used to this, no problem, we are all great at adjusting, surviving but what will it be the next budget and the one after that and the one after that? What will be left for our children? Big multi national enterprises employing them for a small wage for them to be allowed to pay land and houses which originally belong to them?
    We need to protect what we have left.
    The Celtic Tiger gave us presents, we didn’t even know him and couldn’t believe our luck but now he wants everything back with interests.
    Would we have refused the presents if we had known? Most of us would have not because we are greedy, egocentric and in search of power. This is what we are but we can stop that, we can help each others and protect each others.
    We have to do it for our pride but also and more importantly for our children pride.
    Our dignity is not in the job we are doing or the size of our house, car, ability to survive, our dignity is in our actions and we need to act because nothing is fair at the moment and because other fought for our right to fight and express ourselves.

    V for Veronique

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