ARWU Ranking (the Shanghai Ranking) 2012 – results for Ireland

The Academic Ranking of World Universities ranking of the world’s top 500 universities has just been announced. Three Irish universities appear:

1st – Trinity – in the 201-300 band
2nd equal – UCC – in the 301-400 band
2nd equal – UCD – in the 301-400 band

This is the same result as last year.

Queen’s Belfast was also in the 301-400 band.

The full list is here, Irish data is here.

“ARWU uses six objective indicators to rank world universities, including the number of alumni and staff winning Nobel Prizes and Fields Medals, number of highly cited researchers selected by Thomson Scientific, number of articles published in journals of Nature and Science, number of articles indexed in Science Citation Index – Expanded and Social Sciences Citation Index, and per capita performance with respect to the size of an institution. More than 1000 universities are actually ranked by ARWU every year and the best 500 are published on the web.”


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