TUI members vote to reject proposed Croke Park deal

“Members of the Teachers Union of Ireland (TUI) have voted overwhelmingly to reject the proposed new Croke Park agreement. The union said 86% of members had voted against accepting the proposed new deal in a ballot …” (more)

[Martin Wall, Irish Times, 26 March]

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One Response to “TUI members vote to reject proposed Croke Park deal”

  1. Tui member Says:

    It’s about time we stood up to this focus on frontline pay. Athe public arebeing misled abiut what the money goes for, heavy bureaucracy, too much ‘management’ of a corporate type, strategic projects for strategies that dont seem to have very much to do with educating students. the fact is that a llot of money is spent on the third level sector which is not pay and which is not publicly accounted for. The focus needs to be on public accountablity for all finance- itemised accounts for each institution should be posted in the web. The extravagance of the former president of Waterford expenditure is just ne example. Vast sums of the recurrent grant are being spent on litigation against the most vulnerable workers. iIBEC have their hand in the public sector till as an outing to the LRC will show, along with big name legal firms, racking up fees doing workers out of small redundancy payments, as cases in Dublin and in cork show. We also need to look at consultancy fees and spending on pr and marketing. The top slicing of money from the recurrent grant to fund a quango like IOTI who won’t reveal their spend on legal issues on the basis that they are a private organisation, wholly dependent on the public purse. How can that be?

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