Asylum seekers to get chance of third-level with free tuition

Ireland“Dozens of asylum seekers could be given the chance of a third-level education by the removal of annual fees upward of €15,000 a year after Government backing for a plan to support them. The move will also make attendance more financially manageable for those who have already started college with the assistance of charity or sponsorship, as they will also qualify for free tuition and access to grant support …” (more)

[Niall Murray, Irish Examiner, 15 August]

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One Response to “Asylum seekers to get chance of third-level with free tuition”


    Hi, I am A.SALIOU BARRY ,I am in this country sense 23/04/2006. after all this time I am forced to stay in asylum hostel , I try to leave the country 3 time but no chance , I get return an hostel….
    My live have been abuse ,I am forcing to be better but everyday I get nervous ,psychologique I am not well .my recently transfer was from Foynes Mount trenchard now again is in the container box lissywollen Mobile home Athlone , hier we are direct facing of the climate ,hard to leave with propaganda opinion politician from RIA and asylum worker ,very hard staff worker that I never see before hier in ALissywollen, bad treatment etc…

    Now i am asking if you can help me to get some class in this Athlone university. like English class level 4 or 5 or another training I lose many .


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