Outbreak of Rankophilia

International“A plague is sweeping the Universities of the West, rankophilia or an irrational and obsessive concern with position and prospects in global rankings and a unwillingness to exercise normal academic caution and scepticism …” (more)

[University Ranking Watch, 10 January]


2 Responses to “Outbreak of Rankophilia”

  1. Don Dealgan Says:

    Obsession with league tables and rankings has gripped specific school systems (such as England & Wales) and has

  2. Don Dealgan Says:

    The ranking obsession has the education systems of many countries (eg England and Wales) in thrall to ‘league table’ style ratings of schools. The phenomenon has gone international thanks to PISA et al. Such tables are very ‘easy’ analytically, and conducive to sound-bite reporting. They shape opinions and are used to justify policy and reform. They can also valorize certain approaches to pedagogy, assessment and curriculum which aim to help boost the rating of an institution rather than serve the educational needs of students/learners.

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