UCC conference on Israel sparks row with Israeli embassy

Ireland“An academic conference due to be held at University College Cork which will debate the legal legitimacy of Israel has sparked a major row involving the Israeli embassy and Jewish lobby groups. Plans to hold a similar conference in a British university just over a year ago were cancelled on ‘safety grounds’ in the face of opposition from a range of lobby groups …” (more)

[Carl O’Brien, Irish Times, 10 January]

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One Response to “UCC conference on Israel sparks row with Israeli embassy”

  1. James Phillips Says:

    Yet another attempt to shut down any debate about and criticism of Israel anywhere in the world. Shameful intimidation and censorship. UCC should stand firm and uphold democratic values and freedom of speech. To sling allegations of antisemitism every time anyone stands up for Palestinian rights is a betrayal of every Jew In history who fought for human rights and against oppression, and every Jew ever prosecuted for being a Jew.

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