Universities and citizenship

“For those of us whose understanding of political and social values may have taken something of a battering over the past week or so, here’s an interesting intervention from an American university president …” (more)

[Ferdinand von Prondzynski, University Blog, 31 January]

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  1. Niall Cahill Says:

    I read with interest Mr. Von Prondzinski’s article on universities and citizenship. I have worked in an Irish University for fifteen years in the provision of student health services and in latter years have been of the view that the area of personal development of young students and the cultivation of the philosophy of societal responsibilities that we should all have has been seriously downgraded by the ethos ( or lack of ethos) being advanced in some of our Irish universities .
    Instead we have seen the development of a culture of individualism, mostly predicated on personal avarice and a complete lack of respect for the age-old values of freedom of thought and speech and these largely nurtured by autocratic University Management whose response to critique is to turn the guns on the whistleblower or criticiser of their flawed model , all under cover in this country of the Universities Act of 1997, which has de facto made University Managers essentially unaccountable to anyone , except through redress in the courts, as Mr.von Prondzinski knows only too well from personal experience.
    It’s time for society to make the Universities teach and indeed practice citizenship.

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