Phase II of Dublin’s New Mill Student Accommodation a go

Ireland“A joint venture between Harrison Street Real Estate Capital (‘Harrison Street’) and Global Student Accommodation Group (‘GSA’), has just announced plans to develop phase II of its New Mill student housing project in Dublin …” (more)

[Irish Building Magazine, 30 March]


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  1. Constance Says:

    As a student desperate for last minute housing I paid a deposit for a room at New Mill. I had to take out loans to make it work. I have paid a deposit and now they are saying they cannot accommodate me for the promised dates. I will be arriving from America in two weeks and for the first week I will have nowhere to go.

    I contacted the parent company GSA for help, since the staff at New Mill proper have done nothing but make promises and provide incorrect and misleading information. But its been several days and nobody will call or email me back. If I knew they couldn’t accommodate me, I’d have kept looking a month ago and wouldn’t been in this situation.

    My biggest concern is that they now want me to pay for the balance for the entire year in advance, yet they refuse to give me a copy of the license I signed, with signature of both parties, until the day I move in.

    If anybody reading this can offer me any advice, please reach out. I’m a graduate level student, and this has turned into a total nightmare for me. I really pity the parents who are sending their vulnerable teenage children into the arms of these people. Students and parents beware.

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