Paying for Leaving Cert appeals

Ireland“Sir, – This Friday and Saturday thousands of Leaving Cert students will avail of the option to review their examination scripts. It is an admirable exercise in transparency and greatly to the credit of the State Examinations Commission (SEC) that it operates in this way …” (more)

[Brian Fleming, Irish Times, 30 August]

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One Response to “Paying for Leaving Cert appeals”

  1. Diarmuid OEadhra Says:

    On another matter, as well as paying for reviewing.The timing that is given to students to review and appeal examination scripts is TOO LATE for the acceptance of 1st and 2nd round CAO offers.
    I made an appeal on a subject I felt I had done very well in (French HL)
    I was awarded an F grade but when I appealed same this was changed to a B+ grade, I then got the rest of my scripts re checked based on this change and accumulated at least 5 points per subject.
    In the end I had enough points for my 1st choice CAO offer but all in vain and TOO LATE because the acceptance date had well elapsed.
    Can rechecks be done in a time frame to allow students to avail of their choice preference

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