Dublin ranks low on affordability but high on student diversity

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Ireland“Dublin has fallen three places on the international QS ‘Best Student Cities Ranking’, scoring low on affordability but high on student mix, or diversity. The index ranks cities based on six categories: desirability, employer activity, affordability, student view, student mix, and university rankings …” (more)

[Lauren Boland, Trinity News, 4 September]


Read and Publish: Is It Good for the Academy?

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“With Elsevier cutting off access to its licensed content products at dozens if not hundreds of German and Swedish universities as a result of contract lapses, the European dynamics are taking another interesting turn …” (more)

[Roger C Schonfeld, The Scholarly Kitchen, 4 September]

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UL student group taking strong stance on sexual consent classes

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Ireland“Minister of State for Higher Education Mary Mitchell O’Connor is considering making classes on sexual consent compulsory in all Irish colleges, following a series of workshops at the University of Limerick …” (more)

[Nicole Glennon, Limerick Post, 3 September]

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Freshers’ Week is Wasted on Freshers

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Ireland“For many students hoping to progress to third-level education, freshers’ week is a beacon of hope amid the stress and panic of the leaving certificate. In a year characterised by many hours of study, declining social invitations and inevitable breakdowns, the promise of starting university is what makes all the pain worthwhile …” (more)

[Aoife Kearins, University Times, 4 September]


Have college degrees lost their relevance?

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Ireland“College is seen as a rite of passage for many people. Another ‘check’ on your life to-do list. Go to school, get good grades, work hard, pass your exams, get into a good course, complete your degree, find a job, live happily ever after. We know the drill. As students all over Ireland accept their CAO choices and scramble to find affordable accommodation is now the right time to ask if it’s all worth it?…” (more)

[Alice Murray, Independent, 3 September]

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Is NYTimes Correct That College Students Don’t Read Books?

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“Is the NYTimes right that today’s college students don’t read books? This certainly doesn’t track with what I see each day on my campus. My office happens to be located in our main library, which on my campus is also center of all student life …” (more)

[Joshua Kim, Inside Higher Ed, 3 September]


French universities brace for new wave of hazing with ‘la rentrée’

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“University hazing rituals – once indelibly associated with Oxbridge drinking societies and US fraternity houses – are no longer exclusively an Anglo-Saxon phenomenon, with French universities increasingly having to crack down on the practice …” (more)

[France 24, 3 September]


College quotas to prevent too many teachers in certain subjects

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Ireland“Quotas are to be introduced in certain college courses to prevent an oversupply of secondary school teachers in certain subjects. In addition, more places will be made available for students who wish to teach subjects where there is a shortage …” (more)

[Irish Examiner, 4 September]

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