Universities Share IFUT’s Concerns on Higher Education

Posted in Governance and administration on September 13th, 2018 by steve

Ireland“The 2018 Kennedy Summer School in New Ross opened on 6 September with a discussion on the Future of Higher Education. Peter Cassells, Author of the 2016 Cassells Report on Higher Education and Professor Brian MacCraith, President of Dublin City University were among those who echoed IFUT’s position regarding the treatment of Higher Education …” (more)

[Irish Federation of University Teachers, 13 September]

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The housing crisis is also a crisis of student accommodation

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Ireland“In either Galway campus you will hear stories of students commuting from other counties, couch-surfing, and hostel stays …” (more)

[Galway Advertiser, 13 September]

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IT Carlow bidding for gender equality benchmark

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Ireland“IT Carlow’s to make a formal application for an Athena SWAN Bronze Award. It would mean the third level facility would be the first in the technological sector to bid for the gender equality benchmark …” (more)

[Edwina Grace, KCLR96FM, 12 September]

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Trinity students rally against ‘gardaí and landlord alliance’

Posted in Life on September 13th, 2018 by steve

Ireland“Trinity students rallied against the ‘gardaí and landlord alliance’ alongside housing activists this evening. Protesters engaged in a sit-down protest on O’Connell Street where they obstructed traffic at the Parnell monument at the north end of the street. Demonstrators met outside 34 North Frederick street earlier this evening to protest what many called was a violent response from Gardaí last night as occupiers were evicted from the property …” (more)

[Peter Kelly, Trinity News, 12 September]

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Scientific publishing is a rip-off. We fund the research – it should be free

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“Never underestimate the power of one determined person. What Carole Cadwalladr has done to Facebook and big data, and Edward Snowden has done to the state security complex, Alexandra Elbakyan has done to the multibillion-dollar industry that traps knowledge behind paywalls. Sci-Hub, her pirate web scraper service, has done more than any government to tackle one of the biggest rip-offs of the modern era …” (more)

[George Monbiot, Guardian, 13 September]

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