UCC to cut ties with nobel winner Dr James Watson over ‘deplorable’ comments

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Ireland“University College Cork has cut ties with a Nobel Prize winner after what the university described as ‘deplorable’ comments on the subject of ethnicity and genetics. Dr James Watson, who helped discover the structure of DNA, has been criticised for ‘racist’ comments in a recent documentary, which sparked international outrage. A New York laboratory recently said it was revoking all his titles and honours …” (more)

[Kevin O’Neill, Irish Examiner, 15 February]

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When enough is enough

Posted in Life on February 15th, 2019 by steve

Ireland“Today (Friday) I came home from work at lunchtime. The reason: I was physically and emotionally drained. You see, this is the time of year when students who have sat exams in January want to review their scripts (‘I can’t believe I got no attempt marks!’) …” (more)

[An Irish Blog about Education, 15 February]

Almost 300 more student beds for Grangegorman

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Ireland“Plans for a seven-storey apartment complex for almost 300 students beside the new DIT campus at Grangegorman, Dublin, have been approved by An Bord Pleanála despite concerns about an over-concentration of student housing in the area …” (more)

[Olivia Kelly, Irish Times, 15 February]

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Brain drain in Northern Ireland much worse than in the Republic

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Ireland“Emigration has played a huge role in moulding the Republic, affecting all aspects of society and the economy. For most of the last century, as many bright and innovative young people left, its impact was generally unfavourable. In recent decades, however, the pattern has been rather different. While many still go, most of them come back, often enriched by their experience abroad …” (more)

[John FitzGerald, Irish Times, 15 February]

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Parents need to learn higher education is not the only measure of success

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Ireland“Parents need to be challenged over their belief that higher education is the ‘only measure of success’ for school-leavers, the head of a national education body has warned. Nessa White, general secretary of Education and Training Boards Ireland, was responding to the findings of a study which show alarming dropout rates among students in some computing and engineering courses with low CAO entry points …” (more)

[Carl O’Brien, Irish Times, 15 February]

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European Court of Justice rules two-tier pay scales for Irish teachers not discriminatory on age grounds

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Ireland“The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled that two-tier pay scales for teachers in Ireland are not discriminatory on age grounds. The case was taken by the primary teachers’ union, the INTO, on behalf of two members, Tomás Horgan and Claire Keegan, who were employed after January 2011, when lower pay scales were introduced …” (more)

[Katherine Donnelly, Independent, 14 February]

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