Queen’s university chancellor Tom Moran dies aged 65

Posted in Life on August 13th, 2018 by steve

Ireland“The Irish-American businessman, and chancellor of Queen’s University, Belfast, Tom Moran has died after a short illness. He was aged 65. Mr Moran’s funeral Mass will be held in St Patrick’s Cathedral, New York, on Friday …” (more)

[Tim O’Brien, Irish Times, 13 August]

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Tributes paid to University of Limerick President Emeritus John O’Connor who has died

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Ireland“University of Limerick President Emeritus John O’Connor has died, it has been announced. Mr O’Connor played a critical role in the foundation and development of UL through a lifelong service to the university …” (more)

[David Hurley, Limerick Leader, 12 August]

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Majority of students ‘do not think 12 pints makes a person unable to give consent’

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Ireland“More than two-thirds of students do not think 28 standard drinks makes a person too drunk to give sexual consent, a study has found. As part of a number of investigations into sexual consent among third level students, researchers at NUI Galway carried out an online survey of 753 participants, who were shown two versions of a scenario in which two students go home together after a night out …” (more)

[Dean Ruxton, Irish Times, 7 August]

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The Rooks of Maynooth

Posted in Life on August 4th, 2018 by steve

Ireland“On a previous post I mentioned the proliferation of crows in Maynooth. It turns out that was a terminological inexactitude, in that the birds in question were actually rooks. It’s true that rooks are part of the crow family (genus Corvus, family Corvidae) which also includes ravens and jackdaws but they do have a distinctive look and character …” (more)

[In the Dark, 3 August]

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Why are so many academic conferences hostile to women?

Posted in Life on August 3rd, 2018 by steve

“I had looked forward to our association conference for months. I would be reconnecting with old friends and making new ones, visiting a new city, and hearing about exciting work in my field. In many respects, the event exceeded my expectations …” (more)

[Amber Pouliot, Guardian, 3 August]

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Lack of student housing in Waterford hits ‘crisis’ point

Posted in Governance and administration, Life on August 1st, 2018 by steve

Ireland“Some students travelling to study in Waterford may be denied a visa due to the lack of accommodation. WITSU Welfare Officer Darren Malone says he is currently dealing with the cases of around 20 students who are effectively homeless …” (more)

[Anthony McFeely, WLR FM, 31 July]

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Trinity professor and driving force behind the modern St James’s Hospital

Posted in Life on July 28th, 2018 by steve

“The genial, Scottish-born, Trinity College professor and former vice-provost Ian Howie, who has died just two months before his 90th birthday, will be remembered not only for his immense contribution to the Dublin university but also for his outstanding work in a voluntary capacity elsewhere …” (more)

[Irish Times, 27 July]

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Economist who became significant political player

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“Prof Martin O’Donoghue, one of Ireland’s most significant but controversial politicians of recent times, has died in his native Dublin, aged 85. Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin described him as ‘a true gentleman and committed public representative’ …” (more)

[Irish Times, 28 July]

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Minister and academic O’Donoghue is honoured as an Irish citizen of distinction

Posted in Life on July 25th, 2018 by steve

“Martin O’Donoghue’s death meant Ireland had ‘lost a citizen of some distinction’, the chief celebrant at his funeral Mass told mourners. Fr David Sheehy said Mr O’Donoghue had served as economic planning minister and later education minister before resuming a long academic career as Professor of Economics at Trinity College Dublin …” (more)

[John Downing, Independent, 25 July]

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Former leading Irish agriculture professor passes away

Posted in Life on July 24th, 2018 by steve

“The founder of agricultural economics at University College Dublin, Seamus Sheehy has passed away. The former professor was a native of Ballyporeen in Co Tipperary and was a recipient of the Agricultural Science Association’s (ASA) Lifetime Achievement Award …” (more)

[Claire Fox, Independent, 24 July]

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Families of Berkeley balcony collapse victims gather to mark third anniversary

Posted in Life on July 22nd, 2018 by steve

“Family members of those who died in the Berkeley balcony collapse will gather to remember their loved ones later at a ceremony in California. A memorial plaque is to be unveiled near where the six Dublin students passed away over three years ago … (more)

[BreakingNews.ie, 21 July]

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Professor who helped shape State’s education policy

Posted in Life on July 7th, 2018 by steve

“John Coolahan, emeritus professor of education at NUI Maynooth, who has died aged 77, was the premier authority and one of the most influential shaper of government policies in Ireland for over six decades in all sectors of learning …” (more)

[Irish Times, 7 July]

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‘The fight is far from over’ – Hillary Clinton gives impassioned speech in Dublin

Posted in Life on June 22nd, 2018 by steve

“Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton delivered an impassioned speech about the merits of democracy during a special visit to Dublin. She was being recognised with an Honorary Doctorate at Trinity College Dublin and spoke to a crowd at the university’s Edmund Burke Theatre …” (more)

[Caitlin McBride, Independent, 22 June]

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‘It is dreadful’ – meet the students travelling up to six hours a day just to go to college

Posted in Life on June 18th, 2018 by steve

“As the price of rent continues to rise, more and more students are choosing to commute long distances to college every day. From studying to socialising, the life of a student can be busy and jam-packed. While many can go straight home nearby after lectures to cook and sleep, other students face a two to three-hour bus journey back home …” (more)

[Rachel Farrell, Independent, 17 June]

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Where are the Modest Men?

Posted in Life on June 17th, 2018 by steve

“A hashtag debuting this week has caused quite a stir on Twitter: #immodestwomen. In the wake of a US newspaper deciding not to accord anyone the title of Dr in its articles, unless they were medical doctors …” (more)

[Athene Donald’s Blog, 17 June]

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We must confront the culture of overwork to tackle academia’s mental health crisis

Posted in Life on June 17th, 2018 by steve

“For me, as for many others at Cardiff University, the recent news coverage of Malcolm Anderson’s suicide has been a real blow. I did not know the accounting lecturer personally. The thing that was so shocking about reading the articles was just how familiar many of the details felt …” (more)

[Grace Krause, Times Higher Education, 14 June]

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Tributes paid to John Coolahan, the ‘father of Irish education’

Posted in Life on June 4th, 2018 by steve

“Professor John Coolahan, a pivotal figure in Irish education policy for more than 50 years, has died. He was an academic, a researcher, an author, a primary and second-level teacher and an adviser to successive governments on the drafting of educational policy …” (more)

[Carl O’Brien, Irish Times, 3 June]


Trinity Tree Collapses Overnight

Posted in Life on June 2nd, 2018 by steve

“One of Trinity’s famous Front Square trees is no more, after high winds caused it to crash down in the early hours of this morning. College announced the news on Twitter. ‘Generations will miss this magnificent tree’, the tweet said. Trinity said the tree fell at 4am …” (more)

[Dominic McGrath, University Times, 2 June]


Postgraduate students likely to experience stress and depression, according to GSU survey

Posted in Life on June 1st, 2018 by steve

“The average PhD student experiences severe stress, moderate anxiety and mild levels of depression, according to the results of a Graduate Students’ Union (GSU) postgraduate mental health survey. The survey was presented by GSU Vice-President Madhav Bhargav at a meeting of the Student Life Committee this week …” (more)

[Peter Kelly, Trinity News, 31 May]

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Maynooth Matters

Posted in Life on May 31st, 2018 by steve

“Well, it’s another lovely day here in Maynooth and it feels even nicer that now that I’ve finished the stack of examination and project marking I had to do relating to the Computational Physics module I’ve been teaching for the past term …” (more)

[In the Dark, 31 May]

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