Science Foundation Ireland – North-South Collaboration

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IrelandSeán Sherlock (Cork East, Labour): To ask the Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation the number of SFI awards that have been made to HEIs for collaborations between the North and South under the CSET, SRC, PICA and PIYRA programmes; the details of the awards for the years 2015 and 2016 showing which HEIs and research teams benefitted from these awards, in tabular form …” (more)

[Dáil written answers, 15 February]

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Discipline tardy journal editors, say scholars

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International“Editors of academic journals should be investigated for ‘professional negligence’ if peer review at their publications takes too long, says a leading critic of the scholarly publishing industry. Despite many editors being unpaid or poorly remunerated for their work, plant scientist Jaime A Teixeira da Silva believes they ‘should be held accountable’ if authors are made to wait for an ‘excessive or unreasonable amount of time’ before a decision is made on their research …” (more)

[Jack Grove, Times Higher Education, 7 February]


The university as pillar of the community

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“The rowhouses along the Amtrak railway line are the introduction to Baltimore for many visitors. Once, perhaps, these terraces might have been home to people who worked in the city’s steel, shipping and car industries. Now many of the houses are abandoned and decaying, sagging alarmingly, boarded up, or with upstairs windows removed to reveal dark, empty rooms …” (more)

[John Morgan, Times Higher Education, 9 February]


TUI Education Conference 2017 – presentations available to download

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Ireland“On Saturday 4th February TUI held its annual education conference. One hundred delegates attended and the conference addressed policy issues in second level, further education and third level. The presentations from the conference are available below …” (more)

[Teachers’ Union of Ireland, 7 February]


The University Challenge: what type of Brexit would work for Higher Education?

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“The EU brought invaluable networks for research and collaboration to the UK. More than that, it fostered a shared democratic culture of openness and tolerance. But these links will have to change as Britain pursues a hard Brexit. Time is short …” (more)

[Anne Corbett and Claire Gordon,
LSE British Politics and Policy Blog, 4 February]

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Where are all the women economists?

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“I dare you to do something. Fetch a piece of paper and write something on it: the names of five famous female economists. Go on, off you go. And no cheating – no googling on your iPhone. It’s hard, isn’t it? …” (more)

[Frances Weetman, New Statesman, 3 February]

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New Research Initiative Criticised After Concerns Over Ranking Academics

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Ireland“A new initiative to measure the research output of Trinity’s staff, currently in its pilot phase, has raised concerns that it might potentially rank and compare individual academics, already drawing criticism from a trade union. The new initiative, Principal Investigator Quantitative Analytics, is proposing to rank academics based on their research output …” (more)

[Róisín Power and Sinéad Baker, University Times, 1 February]

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Research under way to attract UK scientists to Ireland

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Ireland“Ireland’s research community is preparing for changes that will come once Brexit arrives. There are overt efforts to coax leading UK scientists to set up in Ireland with the promise of research funding. Novel ways of bringing top scientists here on a part-time basis are also being organised …” (more)

[Dick Ahlstrom, Irish Times, 31 January]

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How likely are academics to confess to errors in research?

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“Five years ago, the ‘ground opened up’ beneath Richard Mann. Then a junior postdoctoral researcher at Uppsala University in Sweden, he was in the middle of a two-month visit to the University of Sydney in Australia and was due to give a seminar about a research paper that he had published recently. The paper was by far the most significant of his fledgling career, and the culmination of 18 months of hard work …” (more)

[Holly Else, Times Higher Education, 26 January]

Gender imbalance in science journals is still pervasive

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International“In 2012, this journal admitted its gender bias. Following a complaint from two readers that too few News & Views articles were written by women, we totted up the numbers and realized that they were correct. Moreover, the imbalance was present in other sections of Nature, too …” (more)

[Nature, 25 January]

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Students left fighting for lives after taking enough caffeine for 300 cups of coffee in botched university experiment

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“Two students were nearly killed after they were given enough caffeine for 300 cups of coffee during a botched science experiment. Northumbria University has been fined £400,000 for the incident in March 2015 …” (more)

[Henry Bodkin, Telegraph, 25 January]

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Business ‘has too much say in our universities’, says departing UCC president

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Ireland“Departing UCC president, Michael Murphy, welcomes funding from industry but worries it dictates research decisions, he tells Education Correspondent Niall Murray. The business community has too much influence on Ireland’s research agenda, at the expense of non-scientific disciplines, the outgoing president of University College Cork, Michael Murphy, says …” (more)

[Irish Examiner, 25 January]

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‘You never said my peer review was confidential’ – scientist challenges publisher

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International“Are peer-reviewers free to openly share the content of their reviews if journal editors haven’t explicitly told them not to? Jon Tennant, a scientist-turned-outreach specialist, thinks so. Tennant had reviewed a research paper submitted to the journal Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology …” (more)

[Quirin Schiermeier, Nature News, 23 January]

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Third Level Funding – Research

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IrelandFiona O’Loughlin (Kildare South, Fianna Fail): To ask the Minister for Education and Skills if funds will be allocated in 2017 for research in third level institutions; and if he will make a statement on the matter …” (more)

[Dáil written answers, 17 January]

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How to spot a ‘citation cartel’

Posted in Research on January 18th, 2017 by steve

International“Do you know the difference between a group of researchers in the same field who cite each other’s related work, and a group of authors who purposefully cite each other in order to boost their own profiles? It’s not easy to do, say researchers in a new article about so-called ‘Citation cartels’ …” (more)

[Retraction Watch, 18 January]

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Minister Halligan announces €34.5M in funding for the Technology Transfer Strengthening Initiative

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Ireland“Minister Halligan has announced funding of €34.5m for the third phase of Enterprise Ireland’s Technology Transfer Strengthening Initiative (TTSI) which serves to bolster the capability within the knowledge transfer system in Ireland ….” (more)

[Merrion Street, 16 January]

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Lego professor of play: apply now for the most coveted job in education

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“There are only three days left to apply for what could be the most coveted job in education: the Lego professor of play, development and learning at the University of Cambridge …” (more)

[Donna Ferguson, Guardian, 17 January]

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Queen’s Publishes EU Referendum Paper

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“Queen’s have published an EU Exit Institutional Position Paper which sets out the key issues arising from the referendum result which will impact the University. There are four key issues, as set out below: Access to EU Research Funding; Status of Current and Future EU Staff; Student Recruitment and Mobility; Relationship with the Republic of Ireland …” (more, download)

[QUB, 16 January]

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Gates Foundation research can’t be published in top journals

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International“One of the world’s most influential global health charities says that the research it funds cannot currently be published in several leading journals, because the journals do not comply with its open-access policy …” (more)

[Richard Van Noorden, Nature News, 13 January]

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Twitter can help with scientific dissemination but its influence on citation impact is less clear

Posted in Research on January 11th, 2017 by steve

“Researchers have long been encouraged to use Twitter. But does researchers’ presence on Twitter influence citations to their papers? José Luis Ortega explored to what extent the participation of scholars on Twitter can influence the tweeting of their articles and found that although the relationship between tweets and citations is poor, actively participating on Twitter is a powerful way of promoting and disseminating academic outputs …” (more)

[Impact of Social Sciences, 11 January]

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