Fianna Fáil leader slams lack of investment in Mayo GMIT Campus

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Ireland“The leader of Fianna Fáil Micheal Martin has expressed disappointment over the ongoing decline of the Mayo GMIT Campus. After visiting the centre today, he said there had been no capital investment in the college since 2008 and it was a sad indictment …” (more)

[Connaught Telegraph, 26 April]

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It’s ‘too difficult’: Why 40% of students say they didn’t study science in college

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Ireland“A survey has indicated that 40% of students didn’t choose to study science at college because they found it too difficult. The independent survey was commissioned as part of the launch of the 54th BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition today …” (more)

[, 26 April]


Dialogue in lectures

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“This is not a post on whether the lecture is A Good Thing or not. Lectures happen. PERIOD! A paper by Anna Wood and colleagues at the Edinburgh PER group, along with a subsequent talk by Anna at Moray House has gotten me thinking a lot over the last year about dialogue and its place in all of our interactions with students …” (more)

[Michael Seery, Is this going to be on the exam?, 26 April]


Teacher shortages in key subjects ‘set to get worse’

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Ireland“Teacher shortages in key subjects are set to get much worse unless immediate action is taken, a conference has been told. At present schools report major problems finding qualified teachers in areas such as Irish, European languages, home economics and maths …” (more)

[Carl O’Brien, Irish Times, 25 April]

Latest: Less than a third of nursing graduates offered contracts by HSE

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Ireland“Just 30% of final year nursing students have been offered contracts by the HSE. Meanwhile 70% have been contacted by overseas recruiters. A new INMO survey also shows that 78% of nursing students are considering emigrating when they finish their degree …” (more)

[, 25 April]

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Where’s your effing pride?

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Ireland“I’m about a third of the way through my continuous assessment marking and I feel the need to write this – for my sanity. Back in 1985, Ireland were playing England at the old Lansdowne Road and with 10 minutes to go we were losing …” (more)

[educationandstuff, 25 April]

Trinity students call for halt to Luas works during exams

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Ireland“Late-night Luas construction works are disrupting Trinity College Dublin students study ahead of their final exams in May. Students who live in campus accommodation by the front entrance of the college have said the Luas works noise is making it impossible to sleep, or study for their upcoming exams …” (more)

[Jack Power, Irish Times, 24 April]

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Brexit university ‘brain drain’ warning

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“University staff from EU countries should be guaranteed a right to stay and work in the UK after Brexit to avoid a ‘damaging brain drain’, says a report from MPs. The education select committee wants urgent steps taken to end uncertainty over the future status of EU academics …” (more)

[Sean Coughlan, BBC News, 25 April]

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NUIG confirms ‘unusual’ payment of €175,000 to consultants

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Ireland“NUIG President Dr James Browne has agreed it was ‘unusual’ that the School of Law paid €143,000 plus VAT for one consultancy firm for 22 months’ work. Dr Browne was responding to queries by Galway West TD Catherine Connolly at the Public Accounts Committee on Thursday, in relation to monies paid for professional services from consultancy, Results Through People Limited …” (more)

[Dara Bradley, Connacht Tribune, 24 April]

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Tackling the gender imbalance in business schools

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Ireland“When you think of a person with a master’s in business administration (MBA), what image springs to mind? Sharp suit? High powered job? A man? If the person you’re picturing possesses a Y chromosome, you’re not just another victim of societal conditioning, you’re most likely correct. The most recent Financial Times Executive MBA (EMBA) rankings found that, on average, female participation in top EMBA programmes is just 28% …” (more)

[Gráinne Faller, Irish Times, 25 April]

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DCC’s decision on student units defies any logic

Posted in Governance and administration on April 24th, 2017 by steve

Ireland“A couple of weeks ago, Dublin City Council sent back two planning applications for student accommodation near the new DIT Grangegorman campus in Dublin 7. Combined, the two private developments would have added about 1,000 new purpose-built student units. In justifying its decision, the council made two interesting – ok, baffling – points …” (more)

[Ronan Lyons, Independent, 24 April]

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The Ebook R/Evolution – Not as Easy as It Seems

Posted in Research on April 24th, 2017 by steve

“Earlier this month at the 12th annual Electronic Resources and Libraries (ER&L) conference, the evolution of the ebook and its place in the library and scholarly community was an undeniable sub-theme – one that left me thinking any revolutionary vision for ebooks has been greatly stymied by disconnects between end-user perspectives and the agendas of scholarly resource suppliers …” (more)

[Lettie Conrad, The Scholarly Kitchen, 24 April]

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Ryanair spends €1.5m to fund academic post at Trinity College

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Ireland“Ryanair is spending €1.5 million over five years to fund a new professor of entrepreneurship position at the business school in Trinity College Dublin. The role will commence next September and Trinity says the academic will ‘drive and direct entrepreneurship and innovation’ at Trinity Business School and elsewhere in the university …” (more)

[Mark Paul, Irish Times, 24 April]

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Public service staff could get 6% pay rise over three years

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Ireland“The Government is prepared to award some 300,000 public sector workers a pay rise of 6% over three years as part of a deal on their remuneration. It is also expected to seek significant reform of the pensions for State employees as part of forthcoming talks. Senior Government figures anticipate public servants receiving an annual pay rise of around 2% over three years …” (more)

[Martin Wall, Irish Times, 24 April]

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If the UK wants to remain a key global player after Brexit, the intake of foreign students must be protected

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“In the wake of last month’s triggering of Article 50, the tumultuous prospect of a hard Brexit has been widely speculated on. Sources say the economy has fared surprisingly well since the referendum, with growth both in the manufacturing and service sectors. But evidence suggests its effects have already begun to hit higher education …” (more)

[Dave Wheeler, Independent, 23 April]

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Why I didn’t march for science

Posted in Research on April 24th, 2017 by steve

Ireland“This is the age of Science Communication. Science communication used to conjure up images of the BBC’s Horizon programme (when it used to be good) or of Carl Sagan talking about ‘billions and billions of suns’ or, if we go back far enough, of Jacob Bronowski talking about the Ascent of Man. These days, though, science communication has become big business …” (more)

[educationandstuff, 23 April]


Figuring out the challenges of being a scientist and a mum

Posted in Life on April 24th, 2017 by steve

Ireland“A couple of weeks ago, I received an invitation to give a talk at an event about the challenges of being a woman working in the field of science, technology, engineering and maths (Stem). However, not only am I a woman working in Stem, I’m also a parent working in Stem, and this event started at 6pm, clashing with a meeting at my child’s school …” (more)

[Jane Stout, Irish Times, 24 April]

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Book Review: Academic Conferences as Neoliberal Commodities by Donald J Nicolson

Posted in Governance and administration on April 24th, 2017 by steve

“While rarely interrogated for the role that they play, academic conferences form a significant part in the construction of an academic career. Any aspiring, or indeed expiring, academic has at some point presented at, or attended, a conference …” (more)

[Fawzia Haeri Mazanderani, Impact of Social Sciences, 23 April]


Builder of Berkeley balcony collapse complex has licence revoked

Posted in Legal issues on April 24th, 2017 by steve

“The US construction firm which built the apartments in Berkeley, California where five Irish students and an Irish American woman died after a balcony collapse in June 2015 has had its building licence revoked. The California State Contractors License Board on Friday reached a settlement with Segue Construction to remove its contactor licence …” (more)

[Jack Power, Irish Times, 22 April]


Reflections on the end of another academic year

Posted in Teaching on April 22nd, 2017 by steve

Ireland“And so another academic year ends – except for the shed loads of marking I’ve to do. Once again, I taught all years from first to fourth. My biggest take away? The class dynamic is a mysterious thing. Final year students are generally easy to teach …” (more)

[educationandstuff, 21 April]