Deeks’s new office symptomatic of callous spending

Posted in Governance and administration on September 24th, 2019 by steve

Ireland“Last April it was revealed by the Irish Times that UCD president Andrew Deeks’ new office in Ardmore house, which was set to cost €900,000, is actually going to cost €7,500,000. Not only that, but Deeks had approved the cost himself under ‘delegated authority’ between meetings of the finance committee …” (more)

[Nathan Young, University Observer, 24 September]

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UCD develops digital-policy programmes to keep up with tech changes

Posted in Teaching on April 20th, 2019 by steve

Ireland“A series of qualifications to improve the understanding of officials in digital policy creation are being developed by University College Dublin with support from Microsoft. The Republic’s first academic digital policy programme is going to be developed in partnership with senior policy officials in the public sector, industry representatives and with Microsoft’s backing …” (more)

[Peter Hamilton, Irish Times, 20 April]

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‘No rankings game’ in UCD global search for 500 staff

Posted in Governance and administration on April 17th, 2019 by steve

Ireland“A novel international recruitment drive by UCD to employ 500 more academic staff is well under way as part of an ambitious five-year development plan at Ireland’s largest university. There has been huge interest for the first 65 positions, which the university hopes to fill by September …” (more)

[Katherine Donnelly, Independent, 17 April]

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Renovations for UCD president’s new offices to cost €7.5m

Posted in Governance and administration on April 4th, 2019 by steve

Ireland“The renovation of a period house on the University College Dublin (UCD) campus, to be used as new offices for the university president, is set to cost more than €7 million, confidential internal documents show. Renovation of Ardmore House, a historic 19th century villa-style property near the centre of the south Dublin campus, has been in train for the last two years …” (more)

[Jack Power, Irish Times, 4 April]

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UCD President’s Mar-a-Lago

Posted in Governance and administration on November 29th, 2018 by steve

Ireland“Aussie go-getter and UCD president Andrew Deeks has caused academic eyebrows to arch with his grandiose projects, including the €48m creative design centre; a circa €200m new sub campus; and the Confucius Centre that recently ran €5m over budget …” (more)

[Phoenix Magazine, 30 November]

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Closure of Common Room ‘inevitable’ and will not be reversed, says Deeks

Posted in Governance and administration on November 4th, 2018 by steve

Ireland“UCD President Andrew Deeks has dismissed the possibility that a proposed boycott of the controversial €14 million University Club will have a material effect on the number of faculty and staff who use it …” (more)

[Brían Donnelly, University Observer, 31 October]

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Deeks Responds to Common Room Complaints

Posted in Governance and administration on October 17th, 2018 by steve

Ireland“UCD President Andrew Deeks has responded to the complaints raised by the Common Room Club in comments to the Tribune. President Deeks said that while he understood the complaints of the Common Room members, he has received a measure of support from a number of staff members for the new UCD Club currently under construction …” (more)

[College Tribune, 17 October]

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Embattled Deeks will have little space to maneuver after Common Room campaign

Posted in Governance and administration on October 16th, 2018 by steve

Ireland“Already, we have reached Week 5 of this semester, and as the countdown to the closure of the UCD Common Room sits at 10 weeks, it seems that time is running short for more than those cramming for midterms. While the pleas of over 400 staff members who signed the petition, in-person and online, to boycott the University Club have seemingly fallen on unsympathetic ears …” (more)

[University Observer, 16 October]

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‘President Deeks is evicting us’ – UCD staff launch bid to save Staff Common Room

Posted in Governance and administration on September 12th, 2018 by steve

Ireland“Members of the UCD Common Room Club held an EGM last night, Tuesday 11th September, to discuss the proposed closure of the Newman-based members-only club. The Common Room, which has 900 members made up of academic and administrative staff and has been operating since 1975, was served with notice to quit on 21st December 2018 …” (more)

[Brían Donnelly, University Observer, 12 September]

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World-Class Universities: what are they, and why are they relevant?

Posted in Research on August 31st, 2018 by steve

Ireland“In this article, published in Ireland’s Yearbook of Education 2017-2018, Professor Deeks discusses the characteristics of world-class universities, how these are measured, the challenges facing universities, their core role and their contribution to the economy and society …” (more)

[Education Matters, 31 August]

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IFUT calls on UCD President to desist from appealing age discrimination ruling

Posted in Legal issues on April 27th, 2018 by steve

“The Irish Federation of University Teachers (IFUT) has called on UCD President, Andrew Deeks, to withdraw his statement that the college ‘does not accept’ a highly significant age discrimination ruling against UCD by the Workplace Relations Commission. In the case taken by IFUT regarding a Senior Lecturer promotion, the WRC ruled that the college breached Sections 6(2)(f) and 8(1)(d) of the Employment Equality Acts and issued an order for retrospective promotion and compensation …” (more)

[Irish Federation of University Teachers, 27 April]

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UCD to appeal WRC ruling over age discrimination

Posted in Legal issues on April 26th, 2018 by steve

“UCD is to appeal a Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) ruling that the university discriminated against a member of its academic staff on the ground of age. In a communication to staff, college president Andrew Deeks said UCD does not accept the finding and the university will be appealing the decision to the Labour Court …” (more)

[RTÉ News, 26 April]

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Deeks: Project Ireland 2040’s Capital Funding Projections may be ‘Inadequate’

Posted in Governance and administration on February 28th, 2018 by steve

Ireland“UCD President Andrew Deeks has expressed concern that the government’s funding projections for capital developments in the education sector in its recent National Planning Framework – Project Ireland 2040 report may be ‘inadequate’. He made the comment, alongside other observations, to staff in a recent Presidential Bulletin …” (more)

[College Tribune, 27 February]

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UCD Launches Gender Identity and Expression Policy

Posted in Governance and administration on February 26th, 2018 by steve

Ireland“Last Thursday saw the launch of UCD’s Gender Identity and Expression Policy. At the launch, UCD’s Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) group joined with UCD’s LGBTQ+ Society, and at the same event, the LGBTQ+ Society presented LGBT+ rights activist Tonie Walsh with their Foy-Zappone award …” (more)

[Ruth Murphy, University Observer, 26 February]

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Governing Authority Approves €145 Million for Residence Masterplan

Posted in Governance and administration on February 21st, 2018 by steve

Ireland“UCD’s Governing Authority has formally approved spending €145 million on Phase 1 of UCD’s Residence Masterplan. It aims to have 924 beds across three buildings ready for September 2020. President Andrew Deeks confirmed the decision was made at yesterday’s meeting of the Governing Authority …” (more)

[College Tribune, 21 February]

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Bats Could Delay Construction of President Deeks’ New Office

Posted in Governance and administration on January 28th, 2018 by steve

Ireland“UCD President Andrew Deeks may have to wait a little longer for a new office because of bats. The Tribune reported in Issue 4 that UCD was spending hundreds of thousands of euro to plan the renovation of Ardmore House as part of an overall HR project. The move will see Deeks’ office transfer out of the Tierney Building …” (more)

[College Tribune, 27 January]

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Universities need less regulation and more autonomy

Posted in Governance and administration on January 22nd, 2018 by steve

Ireland“When announcing the latest links between university funding and delivery of national priorities, the Government has once again shown that there is a clear need for a wider understanding of the structures and processes of transparency and accountability that are already in place in the higher education sector …” (more)

[Andrew Deeks, Irish Times, 22 January]

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UCD Confucius centre project runs another €2m over budget

Posted in Governance and administration on November 13th, 2017 by steve

Ireland“The University College Dublin (UCD) Confucius Centre, a building part-funded by the Chinese Government, has now run €4.8 million over budget, following a recent €2 million increase in costs. At a meeting of the university’s governing authority, it was revealed the project would require an additional €2 million, following a dispute with the construction contractors Glenman Corporation …” (more)

[Jack Power, Irish Times, 13 November]

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Student visa delays could cost UCD millions in fees

Posted in Fees, access and admissions, Governance and administration on August 5th, 2017 by steve

Ireland“Serious delays for international students acquiring visas could cost UCD €8.4 million worth of fees, the college’s president Andrew Deeks has told the Department of Justice. Mr Deeks said if international students did not receive visas in time to start their studies in September millions of euros in fees would be lost, causing major ‘reputational damage’ to Ireland’s universities internationally …” (more)

[Jack Power, Irish Times, 5 August]

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7.5% rise in students offered early CAO courses

Posted in Fees, access and admissions on August 3rd, 2017 by steve

Ireland“The number of students offered college places in the early stages of the Central Applications Office (CAO) process is up 7.5% on last year. The categories of students who can be offered a third-level place before the main offers after the Leaving Certificate results in mid-August include overseas students coming to Ireland, who may require early confirmation to facilitate visa arrangements …” (more)

[Niall Murray, Irish Examiner, 3 August]

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