Publication of Gender and Diversity Statement

Posted in Governance and administration on August 20th, 2018 by steve

Ireland“As part of her opening address to the European Conference on Gender Equality in Higher Education today, Monday 20 August, Minister Mary Mitchell O’Connor TD announced the launch of the first Gender and Diversity Statement for higher education institutions …” (more)

[Technological Higher Education Association, 20 August]

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UL has the highest proportion of women at senior levels

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Ireland“University of Limerick has the highest proportion of women at senior levels of academia, new figures show. 31% of professors at UL are female, the highest percentage in the country and 10% than the average of 21% across the Irish University sector …” (more)

[Nicole Glennon, Limerick Post, 12 August]

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Gender equality in third level remains a distant hope

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Ireland“The latest figures on gender progression among academics from the Higher Education Authority show some improvement in what has been an intractable problem, but illustrate the extent of the hill still to be climbed. The HEA figures show that among ‘core funded’ academic staff the proportion of female professors has increased from 23% to 24% since 2015 while the number of female associate professors has increased from 32% to 34% …” (more)

[Joan Donegan, Irish Times, 3 August]

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Large gender gaps in senior levels of Irish academia

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Ireland“Women remain hugely underrepresented in the senior levels of Irish universities despite policies aimed at promoting greater gender equality, new figures show. They are also far more likely to earn less, with men accounting for the vast majority of best-paid posts in higher education …” (more)

[Carl O’Brien, Irish Times, 3 August]

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SIPTU representatives describe NUIG gender equality award as misleading

Posted in Governance and administration on May 10th, 2018 by steve

Ireland“SIPTU Industrial Organiser Noel Maguire, said: ‘This is a very misleading development. SIPTU representatives are flabbergasted that Athena Swan gave this award when there are many outstanding discrimination cases in the university’. He added: ‘It is deeply concerning that this award gives NUIG disgraceful on discrimination record a new air of respectability. The narrow focus of these awards combined with the cosmetic lustre of a PR campaign provides window dressing that is in gross denial of worker’s experience on the ground …'” (more)

[SIPTU, 10 May]

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NUIG addresses gender equality issues

Posted in Governance and administration on May 9th, 2018 by steve

“NUI Galway has avoided losing out on research funding after securing the first level of an international standard for gender equality. The university has been the subject of criticisms over the low level of promotions of female academics, and there are still cases pending against it in the High Court by four women who were overlooked in a previous promotions round in 2008 and 2009 …” (more)

[Niall Murray, Irish Examiner, 9 May]

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NUI Galway awarded Athena SWAN Bronze despite not promoting four female lecturers taking High Court cases

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“NUI Galway have been awarded the Athena SWAN Bronze award for gender equality. Future government research funding to Irish universities is dependent on universities receiving this award. NUI Galway was one of only two Irish universities who had not been awarded Bronze and the only Irish university whose application had been refused twice. We believe this was because of all the bad publicity NUI Galway had received through this campaign …” (more)

[Micheline’s Three Conditions, 7 May]

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NUI Galway wins recognition for gender equality

Posted in Governance and administration on May 7th, 2018 by steve

“NUI Galway, which was at the centre of a high-profile gender discrimination row, is to receive official recognition for its work to advance gender equality. The college, along with Maynooth University, has received the internationally-recognised Athena Swan bronze award, which demonstrates a solid foundation in eliminating gender bias …” (more)

[Carl O’Brien, Irish Times, 7 May]

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Athena SWAN is an ugly duckling

Posted in Governance and administration on May 7th, 2018 by steve

“Athena SWAN was established in the UK in 2005 with the admirable aim of increasing the numbers of women in science, technology, engineering, maths and medicine at university. The scheme was widened in 2015 to include other subjects, and offers bronze, silver and gold awards to departments and institutions for the ‘advancement of gender equality’ with a view to providing ‘representation, progression and success for all’ …” (more)

[Rebecca Harrison, Times Higher Education, 3 May]

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Now I understand Proust better (but feel less positive about Athena Swan)

Posted in Life on January 22nd, 2018 by steve

“You know the story about Marcel Proust and the madeleine – how the memories came flooding back when he nibbled at one with a cup of tea. I always thought this was slightly ridiculous, but perhaps ageing means I now have more memories to recapture. Suddenly it all made much more sense …” (more)

[Athene Donald’s Blog, 22 January]

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We post the NUI Galway Athena SWAN application

Posted in Governance and administration on December 22nd, 2017 by steve

Ireland“The campaign has been sent NUI Galway’s Athena SWAN application. This is the application that was submitted by the closing date of November 30th but which has failed to appear, or even be acknowledged, on NUI Galway’s Athena SWAN web page. This is the application they haven’t sent to Micheline and others who have asked for a copy, deliberately hindering any objections. Their action is in contrast to Maynooth University’s open announcement and application publication on Dec 1st …” (more)

[Micheline’s Three Conditions, 21 December]

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NUI Galway have applied to Athena SWAN but are not making application available!

Posted in Governance and administration on December 20th, 2017 by steve

Ireland“A campaign member who wrote to the Athena SWAN board has been told that NUI Galway has applied for a gender equality award (closing date November 30th) but there is no requirement for NUI Galway to make its application available! They were also told they had only until the end of this week to submit an objection – to an application they have no access to! …” (more)

[Micheline’s Three Conditions, 19 December]

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Are NUI Galway deliberately hiding their re application to Athena SWAN to prevent objections?

Posted in Governance and administration on December 17th, 2017 by steve

Ireland“On the heels of the successful #SolidariTEA held last week by NUI Galway staff and students in support of the four female lecturers who have taken their battle for promotion to the High Court, we thought an update on the latest round of Athena SWAN applications was warranted. The word around the university is that NUI Galway submitted a third application for the award by the Nov 30th deadline …” (more)

[Micheline’s Three Conditions, 17 December]

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NUI Galway refutes claims unsuccessful bid for gender equality award linked to ongoing discrimination cases

Posted in Legal issues on November 21st, 2017 by steve

Ireland“NUI Galway has moved to dismiss claims that an unsuccessful bid for a gender equality award is linked to ongoing legal action involving four female lecturers. It follows the issuing of an open letter by Micheline Sheehy Skeffington, who won a discrimination case against the university in November 2014 …” (more)

[Galway Bay FM, 20 November]

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Micheline’s open letter to NUI Galway’s Athena SWAN committee

Posted in Governance and administration, Legal issues on November 16th, 2017 by steve

Ireland“Micheline sent this letter addressed to the Chair of NUI Galway’s Athena SWAN committee on the third anniversary of her 2014 landmark gender discrimination case ruling. It is a very important letter …” (more)

[Micheline’s Three Conditions, 16 November]

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Athena SWAN funding link under scrutiny in discrimination row

Posted in Governance and administration, Legal issues, Research on October 12th, 2017 by steve

Ireland“Four female academics embroiled in a gender discrimination dispute are reportedly under increasing pressure to accept a settlement from their university in a case that has sparked debate about the merits of linking the Athena SWAN equality charter to research funding. The long-running dispute at the National University of Ireland, Galway has come to a head …” (more)

[Ellie Bothwell, Times Higher Education, 12 October]

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NUI Galway’s derisory offer revealed as they fail Athena SWAN application again

Posted in Governance and administration, Legal issues on September 20th, 2017 by steve

Ireland“At the last meeting of the Governing Body, two weeks ago, to our great surprise NUI Galway revealed the details of their final offer made to the four women last month. These details were supposedly strictly secret, so we have never known what it was that the women turned down, but then NUI Galway circulated the offer to every member of the Governing Body! That means that over 40 people got to see it …” (more)

[Micheline’s Three Conditions, 20 September]

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Why Are Universities Doing Better on Gender Equality Than Institutes of Technology?

Posted in Governance and administration on June 21st, 2017 by steve

Ireland“Five of Ireland’s seven universities hold accreditation on the basis of gender equality, but none of the country’s 14 institutes of technology do. Trinity, University of Limerick, UCD, DCU and UCC have all won the Athena Swan Bronze Award, which looks set to become a condition of research funding by the end of 2019 …” (more)

[Dan Grennan and Nikki Murphy, Dublin Inquirer, 21 June]

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NUI Galway applies for gender equality award – again. Campaign supporters have until May 17th to voice opinions

Posted in Governance and administration on May 13th, 2017 by steve

Ireland“The Campaign has learned that NUI Galway has resubmitted its application for an Athena SWAN Bronze award. The university’s application for the gender equality award was rejected in 2015, in the first round open to Irish institutions. Such an award recognises that the ‘institution has a solid foundation for eliminating gender bias and developing an inclusive culture that values all staff’ …” (more)

[Micheline’s Three Conditions, 13 May]

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To Receive Funding, Irish Third-Level Institutions Require Efforts for Gender Balance

Posted in Governance and administration on April 6th, 2017 by steve

Ireland“The new gender equality benchmarks required for universities to receive research funding will be a significant boost to Irish institutions battling with records of gender inequality, staff from universities across the country have told The University Times …” (more)

[Brónagh Kennedy, University Times, 5 April]

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