Funding third-level education

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“Sir, – UCD’s new president Andrew Deeks has rightly highlighted the funding crisis in higher education (‘Replace annual charge with student loans, says UCD president’, July 5th). He correctly identifies a significant access barrier in the form of growing up-front registration fees. However, the alternative Prof Deeks proposes …” (more)

[Eoin Daly, Irish Times, 8 July]

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An ethical commitment: responsibility, cosmopolitanism and care in the internationalised university

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Abstract: The internationalization of higher education has decisively moved from being a scholarly tradition of mobility across borders to an almost purely economic concern. This is a trend that is most pronounced in countries such as England, Australia and the US in particular, who have become the dominant exporters of the higher education business or, as Allan Luke suggests, the global ‘edubusiness’ (Luke 2010). Alongside the growth of this edubusiness has developed a growing literature theorizing the implications of the shift to the student as consumer model of higher education (e.g. Kuo 2007; Lambert et al. 2007; Maringe 2011). For those of us working in international classrooms, particularly in the developed countries that are the main exporters of higher education globally, our relationships with international students are formed against a backdrop of an increasingly predominant consumerist model of higher education …” (more)

[Coate, K; Rathnayake, G (2013) ‘An ethical commitment: responsibility, cosmopolitanism and care in the internationalised university’ In: International Students Negotiating Higher Education. Abingdon : Routledge.]

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I haven’t a clue if lecturers are doing their jobs, says minister

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“Education Minister Ruairi Quinn has admitted that both his department and the Higher Education Authority ‘haven’t a clue’ if lecturers or tutors are doing their jobs at universities and colleges across the country …” (more)

[Barry Duggan, Independent, 5 February]

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