UCD student at centre of racism controversy in World Debating Finals

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Ireland“A student from University College Dublin (UCD) is at the centre of a controversy concerning racism at the World Universities Debating Championships final which is taking place this weekend in Cape Town, South Africa. Protesters occupied the open final of the competition following the sharing of a WhatsApp message on social media, which was sent by the UCD student, where the student called a black participant ‘useless’. The student is the head of the tabulation team at the competition …” (more)

[Lauren Boland, Trinity News, 3 January]

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“Best of Luck to University of Limerick at the World University Debating Championships.” (tweet)

[Stephen Byrne, Twitter, 27 December]

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The higher education debate – where is it, and who is participating?

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“I really must not take myself too seriously, so please read the next sentence with a grain of salt. But I guess I could argue, tentatively, that this blog has provided a forum of sorts for a debate on higher education, where the participants are not only the great and good (if you are reading this and believe you are great and good, my apologies, and of course you are welcome, too). But the blog is a minor contribution in the overall scheme of things, and there are also others which, in different ways, also raise questions about the future of our sector …” (more)

[Ferdinand von Prondzynski, University Blog, 22 November]

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Debating Gaza in Trinity

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“I tagged along to a debate last night at the Philosophical society in Trinity College Dublin. The motion in front of the house was that This house believes that Israeli actions in Gaza have been just and proportionate. It was good craic, I had a bit of a laugh, I met some interesting people and managed to scam two free beers out of the ‘Phil’ by pretending to be a student but I left as sure as I ever have been that the Israel Palestine debate in this country is in dire straits … My problem is this. Here were three articulate well meaning and reasonable men, all of whom believe in a two state solution with a secure Israel and a viable Palestine. Surely such a debate should produce some enlightening conclusions. Unfortunately not …” (more)

[Gubu-World, 6 February]

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Debating the future

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“A couple of weeks ago I was asked to participate in a debate organised by DCU’s Debate Society. The topic was university tuition fees, and I was one of several speakers (including the Labour Party’s education spokesperson, Ruairi Quinn). It was a lively event, and at the end, as you might possibly guess, the majority of those present voted against the reintroduction of fees. However, my point here is not about fees, but rather about debating as a student activity. The event was attended by a reasonable number of students, but the room was by no means full …” (more)

[Ferdinand von Prondzynski, University Blog, 17 December]

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