If the Rising’s rebels had taken Trinity, might it today be called Pearse College Dublin?

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Ireland“During Easter Week 1916 Michael Taaffe, a medical student, was part of the small garrison that defended Trinity College from insurgent attack. Half a century later he wrote down his memories of those turbulent days. ‘I had a nightmare vision of a last stand at the Library windows, ammunition spent, while a horde of rebels with fixed bayonets swept in line across the Fellows’ Garden’. This extract from Defending Trinity College Dublin explores how close Taaffe’s nightmare came to being realised …” (more)

[Rory Sweetman, Irish Times, 1 August]

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“Defence of TCD / Sinn Fein Rebellion / Easter 1916”

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“Shortly after the firing began in central Dublin on Monday 24 April 1916, the gates of Trinity College were closed, and armed members of its Officer Training Corps deployed themselves on the roof, with orders to shoot any armed men not wearing uniforms and so presumed to be rebels …” (more)

[conorjh, 5 April]

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Trinity College Dublin and an unusual British Army plaque

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“Hidden at the wall by Nassau Street by the (sometimes open) gate to the street above, is this excellent plaque. Another gem few Dubs, including Trinity students, seem aware of. Of course Trinity College Dublin played a central role in the suppression of the rebellion of 1916 …” (more)

[Come here to me!, 19 August]

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