Supreme Court to hear appeal by UCC over flooding at campus in 2009

Posted in Legal issues on October 25th, 2018 by steve

Ireland“The Supreme Court has agreed to hear an appeal by University College Cork over findings the Electricity Supply Board (ESB) is not liable for extensive flood damage to campus buildings after floods affected Cork city in 2009. UCC’s action is among about 400 sets of proceedings initiated against the ESB arising from the flooding …” (more)

[Ann O’Loughlin, Irish Examiner, 25 October]

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ESB liability for UCC campus flooding overturned by Court of Appeal

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Ireland“The Court of Appeal, in a significant judgment, has ruled the Electricity Supply Board (ESB) is not liable for extensive flood damage to buildings on the campus of University College Cork (UCC) after floods affected large parts of Cork city in late 2009. The three judge court, in a lengthy judgment on Tuesday, overturned a High Court finding the ESB was 60% liable in respect of flooding and warnings …” (more)

[Mary Carolan, Irish Times, 20 March]

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ESB 60% liable for UCC flood damage

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Ireland“The Commercial Court has ruled that the Electricity Supply Board was 60% liable for damage caused to University College Cork’s campus from flooding in November 2009. The court ruled that UCC was 40% liable due to contributory negligence …” (more)

[RTÉ News, 5 October]

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UCC forces ESB to give up flood documents

Posted in Legal issues on April 2nd, 2014 by steve

“The university suing the ESB for €18m in damages following the devastating floods of 2009 has won a key legal argument securing access to crucial documents which the power company had refused to disclose …” (more)

[Law report is here.]
[Eoin English, Irish Examiner, 2 April]

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