Moves to restrict student housing must be opposed – Ibec

Posted in Governance and administration on August 29th, 2017 by steve

Ireland“Ibec, the group that represents Irish business, today called on Government to oppose and prevent measures under consideration by Dublin City Council to restrict student accommodation. The proposal seeks to provide planning authorities with an additional basis to oppose the building of student accommodation …” (more)

[Ibec, 29 August]

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‘Ringfence corporate tax rather than hike PRSI to boost third-level funds’

Posted in Governance and administration on June 1st, 2017 by steve

Ireland“Employers and unions agree that ringfencing a portion of corporate tax or business profits could be a better way to bolster higher education funding than a government proposal to increase employers’ PRSI. The increased contribution has been suggested by Education Minister Richard Bruton and Public Expenditure Minister Paschal Donohoe through a proposed increase in the National Training Fund (NTF) levy …” (more)

[Niall Murray, Irish Examiner, 1 June]

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Funding crisis in higher education must be tackled

Posted in Fees, access and admissions, Governance and administration on November 29th, 2016 by steve

Ireland“Thirty years after the abolition of college tuition fees, just one in seven young people in the country’s most disadvantaged areas progress to higher education. In our most affluent suburbs, almost every young person (99%) has this opportunity …” (more)

[Danny McCoy, Irish Times, 28 November]

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Action Plan for Education must be supported by adequate funding

Posted in Governance and administration on September 15th, 2016 by steve

Ireland“Ibec, the group that represents Irish business, today welcomed the publication of the Government’s Action Plan for Education but warned that its objectives will not be met unless it is supported by adequate funding and a reversal of the damaging cuts which the sector has experienced in recent years …” (more)

[Ibec, 15 September]

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Ibec not opposed to levy raising extra €150m for student education

Posted in Fees, access and admissions, Governance and administration on July 12th, 2016 by steve

Ireland“Employers’ group Ibec does not object to increasing a levy on business to train people for work once the extra €150m a year is properly spent. However, it says a student-loan scheme is the only sustainable way of bridging a higher education shortfall heading for €1bn a year …” (more)

[Niall Murray, Irish Examiner, 12 July]

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IFUT calls on Fine Gael and Labour to address crisis in third-level funding and places

Posted in Governance and administration on February 1st, 2016 by steve

Ireland“The Irish Federation of University Teachers (IFUT) has called on the Fine Gael and Labour to announce proposals to address the mounting crisis in third-level education, ahead of the announcement of this year’s general election …” (more)

[Matthew Mulligan, Trinity News, 31 January]

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Entrepreneurial education

Posted in Teaching on August 26th, 2015 by steve

Ireland“Sir, – I was not surprised to see a negative response to Ibec’s suggestion that teachers should receive entrepreneurial training. If there is one thing (and there really is only one thing) that unites the left in this country it is its persistent demonisation of entrepreneurs and businesses …” (more)

[David McGinn, Irish Times, 26 August]

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Entrepreneurial training

Posted in Teaching on August 25th, 2015 by steve

Ireland“Sir, – Ibec has called for teachers to get entrepreneurial training (‘Ibec calls on teachers to be trained in entrepreneurial thinking’, August 20th). Anyone not reading past the headline might baulk at the suggestion …” (more)

[Letters from Peter Lydon and JD Mangan, Irish Times, 25 August]

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Education for what? The compelling case for critical thinking

Posted in Teaching on August 22nd, 2015 by steve

Ireland“Philosophers and entrepreneurs are both neglected, it appears. Now both are demanding due recognition in our education system as pivotal elements of the core curriculum – pertinent subjects for 21st century students …” (more)

[Irish Times, 22 August]

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We must learn modern languages

Posted in Governance and administration on August 21st, 2015 by steve

Ireland“Sir, – I suggest that the State has proven its point regarding maths and science and their value to the economy as seen by the increased number of higher level maths candidates in the Leaving Certificate and the increased points for relevant courses …” (more)

[Matthew Carroll, Irish Times, 21 August]

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Time to promote entrepreneurial thinking in education

Posted in Governance and administration on August 21st, 2015 by steve

Ireland“The need for entrepreneurship has never been more widely acknowledged than it is now. In September 2014 the Government launched a national policy statement on Entrepreneurship in Ireland which singled out the education system as having a critical influence in shaping entrepreneurial attributes from an early age. Ibec has developed a set of recommendations to turn this aspiration into a reality …” (more)

[Ibec, 20 August]

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Encouraging Leaving Cert trends, but skills gaps emerging

Posted in Fees, access and admissions, Governance and administration on August 12th, 2015 by steve

Ireland“Ibec, the group that represents Irish business, today (Wednesday 12 August) broadly welcomed the trends emerging in this year’s Leaving Certificate results, but warned that as the recovery takes hold, the economy could face skills gaps in key sectors that drive growth …” (more)

[Ibec, 12 August]

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Endorsement of technology university for SE welcome

Posted in Governance and administration on July 28th, 2015 by steve

Ireland“Ibec South East, the group that represents business in the region, today welcomed the findings of a Government commissioned report that the establishment of a Technology University for the South East is viable and can be delivered within a reasonable timeframe …” (more)

[Ibec, 27 July]

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Trade union wins low pay appeal against NUI Galway

Posted in Legal issues on June 3rd, 2015 by steve

Ireland“The Labour Court has told NUI Galway that it was wrong to impose a lower rate of pay on a female lecturer it employed in 2011. Trade union SIPTU won its appeal against NUIG in relation to the appropriate pay scale of one of its members …” (more)

[Dara Bradley, Galway City Tribune, 2 June]

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Ibec pushing for more visionary science policy

Posted in Research on May 4th, 2015 by steve

Ireland“Ibec wants to see more scientific research and wants the Government to spend lots more in support of it. Astrologers always believe that big things will happen when planets align. If Mars, Jupiter and Saturn line up surely that must be a sign that change is coming or the end is nigh …” (more)

[Dick Ahlstrom, Irish Times, 4 May]

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Ibec says Government should increase science research funding

Posted in Research on April 23rd, 2015 by steve

Ireland“The Government should establish a fully independent advisory body for science and should also increase State funding for research, Ibec has said. These and other recommendations were included in a submission from the business representative body to an InterDepartmental Cabinet committee currently devising a new national science policy …” (more)

[Dick Ahlstrom, Irish Times, 23 April]

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IBEC condemns ‘heavy handed’ teacher union tactics

Posted in Governance and administration on April 14th, 2015 by steve

Ireland“Business group Ibec has strongly criticised the use of pickets at teacher training centres to obstruct the roll-out of the new junior cycle programme. The organisation’s head of education policy, Tony Donohoe, said: ‘It is understandable that any education reform will raise concerns and prompt debate …'” (more)

[Joe Humphreys, Irish Times, 14 April]

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Research scientists lobby Government over funding

Posted in Research on March 18th, 2015 by steve

Ireland“More than 800 leading research scientists have joined forces to lobby the Government as it prepares a new national strategy for scientific research. In a letter to The Irish Times today, they outline proposals for developing a strong research base within Ireland …” (more)

[Dick Ahlstrom, Irish Times, 18 March]

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Languages and university entry

Posted in Teaching on March 10th, 2015 by steve

Ireland“Sir, – Three months after first reports emerged that the National University of Ireland was considering removing the requirement to present a foreign language for matriculation purposes, our politicians seem to have heard about it …” (more)

[Barry Hennessy, Irish Times, 10 March]

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State exams at risk of delays due to teachers’ strike

Posted in Teaching on January 22nd, 2015 by steve

Ireland“Almost 350,000 students are locked out of school today for the second time in two months as 27,000 teachers stop work in the row over Junior Cert reform. Teacher unions have warned that their campaign will continue …” (more)

[Katherine Donnelly, Independent, 22 January]

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