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IrelandJack Chambers (Dublin West, Fianna Fail): To ask the Minister for Education and Skills if he is satisfied that the continued activities of institutes (details supplied) do not negatively impact on the activities of universities here; the actions he has taken to ensure same; and if he will make a statement on the matter …” (more)

[Dáil written answers, 5 November]

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110% Increase in Non-EU Students Attending Trinity

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Ireland“After major internationalisation efforts in College, the number of non-EU students studying in Trinity more than doubled between 2011/12 and 2017/18, The University Times has learned. A memorandum circulated to Finance Committee by Trinity’s Vice-President for Global Relations, Juliet Hussey, showed that College had achieved 98.5% of its target …” (more)

[Brónagh Kennedy, University Times, 30 October]

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Bruton Launches New International Fund for Irish Universities

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Ireland“The government will give Irish universities €500,000 to promote collaboration with universities from around the world. A new fund, set to be managed by the Higher Education Authority (HEA), will make the funding available to colleges across the country …” (more)

[University Times, 2 October]

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Global higher education a ‘massive business’ serving ‘the 1%’

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International“The notion that universities operate as a public good is ‘unrealistic’ and dishonest, according to a higher education consultant who claimed that the sector should not be so arrogant to ‘bestow’ its vision on the world. Daniel Guhr, managing director of US-based Illuminate Consulting Group, said that higher education exists ‘in a world of the 1%’, in terms of the proportion of people across the world who study at universities …” (more)

[Ellie Bothwell, Times Higher Education, 15 September]


Ireland’s Universities Could Reap Brexit’s Benefits, if they Seize its Opportunities

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Ireland“Negotiations on the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the EU started nearly a month ago. Forecasts of the potential impact of Brexit on the Irish economy, the border and the peace process in Northern Ireland send chills down many people’s spines. However, despite its potentially disastrous consequences …” (more)

[Neale Richmond, University Times, 15 July]

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Some gains in education but dangers loom

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Ireland“Ireland’s higher education system could enjoy a positive spin-off from Brexit, although it also presents huge dangers. On the plus side, Ireland may become a magnet for talented academics and researchers – and the research funding they bring – as well as international students, who want to work or study in what will then be one of just two English speaking countries in the EU (the other being Malta) …” (more)

[Katherine Donnelly, Independent, 21 June]

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Internationalisation of HE may be accelerating

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International“Over the past months, since the Brexit vote and the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States – in particular after the transition – many articles have been published about the negative impact of these two events on the internationalisation of higher education in the United States and the United Kingdom and beyond …” (more)

[Hans de Wit, University World News, 24 February]


Whose values is internationalisation of HE promoting?

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International“With xenophobic sentiments reaching a feverish pitch across parts of the globe, some scholars are prescribing a heavy dose of internationalisation as a potential strategy for counteracting the social, political and economic ramifications of recent developments in the United States and parts of Europe …” (more)

[Abu Kamara, University World News, 24 February]


New targets set to expand internationalisation of HE

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Ireland“The Irish government has unveiled a new strategy on international education, designed to help the country become ‘internationally recognised for the development of global citizens through our internationalised education system and a market leader in attracting international student talent’ …” (more)

[Brendan O’Malley, University World News, 10 October]

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Call for contributions: next generation insights into internationalization of higher education

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International“Are you a young scholar on higher education and are working on themes related to internationalization? Douglas Proctor (Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education) and Laura Rumbley (Boston College Center for International Higher Education) have launched a call for chapter proposals for an edited collection focusing on next generation perspectives on the internationalization of higher education … ” (more)

[Hedda, 30 August]


A tipping point for internationalization?

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Canada“Over the last few years, my position about internationalization has been pretty consistent: the international student market is going to grow and grow. Talk about a China bubble – one of the education press’s favourite ‘what-if?’ doom and gloom scenarios – is almost invariably overstated …” (more)

[Alex Usher, HESA, 3 August]


Universities with the international outlook

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Ireland“Brexit has been a hot topic for a while, especially after the outcome of the EU referendum being released on June 24. The referendum resulted in an overall vote to leave the EU, by 51.9% …” (more)

[Research on Higher Education in Ireland, 4 July]


Foreign student increase to boost Irish colleges

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Ireland“Education Minister Jan O’Sullivan plans to almost double the number of foreign students to boost the income of ailing colleges and universities in the coming years. A third-level strategy due to be published in the coming weeks has set out a significant increase in the numbers of international students entering our system in the next five years …” (more)

[Elaine Loughlan, Irish Examiner, 18 January]

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We cannot change our core values for Chinese students

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China“One of the great ironic juxtapositions of 2015 must surely have been the cheering, red-T-shirted crowds lining the Mall in London for the carriage procession of China’s president, Xi Jinping, to Buckingham Palace, while, half a mile away, a very different crowd queued for tickets to Ai Weiwei’s exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts …” (more)

[Tao Zhang, Times Higher Education, 14 Janauary]

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Nine Irish institutions make international education list

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Ireland“Nine Irish higher-education institutes have made it on to the 2016 list of the top 200 league table of the most international universities in the world compiled by Times Higher Education …” (more)

[Éanna Ó Caollaí, Irish Times, 14 January]

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World’s most international universities 2016

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International“The best universities in the world are truly global institutions – ones that attract students and scholars from all over the world and collaborate with leading departments no matter where they are based …” (more)

[Irish institutions: TCD 40, RCSI 46, UCD 74, DCU 138, NUIG 139, UL 139, NUIM 146, UCC 147, DIT 172]

[Ellie Bothwell, Times Higher Education, 14 January]

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UCC head silent on student loan idea

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Ireland“UCC president Dr Michael Murphy said he wasn’t going to waste a minute thinking about ‘kite flying’ when asked his opinion on the student loan system being explored by an expert group due to report to the Minister for Education next month …” (more)

[Evening Echo, 18 December]

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Minister for Education and Skills announces more than 500 scholarships for American students looking to study in Higher Education Institutions in Ireland

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Ireland“Jan O’Sullivan TD, Minister of Education and Skills, is delighted to announce enhanced levels of supports from Irish higher education institutions (HEIs) to support the US Government’s plans to double the number of American students studying abroad over the next five years …” (more)

[Department of Education and Skills, 29 May]

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European universities ‘hobbled’ by language laws

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EU“Rector at Maastricht University fears that curbs on using English are preventing some institutions from innovating and internationalising. European universities are being stifled by laws that force them to teach courses in their country’s native language rather than in English …” (more)

[Ellie Bothwell, Times Higher Education, 7 May]

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NUI Galway aims to enter world ‘top 200’ in new strategy

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Ireland“NUI Galway says it plans to become one of the world’s top 200 universities in global rankings by 2020 under a new strategic plan. The five-year strategy, which was presented by college president Prof Jim Browne at an ‘all staff meeting’ on campus on Thursday morning, identifies the professional development of staff – including significant progress on gender equality – as key objectives …” (more)

[Joe Humphreys, Irish Times, 26 March]

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